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Welcome to Templar Custom Arms


We are a custom gunsmith and manufacturing company that specialize in making good firearms into great firearms. We work with you to make your firearms fully customized to your unique needs and shooting style. We have a variety of packages for pistols based off of years of testing and refining from notable instructors as Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives as well as talking to hundreds of customers about their needs.

In addition, we can build custom rifles and shotguns as well as provide a variety of other gear from customized holsters, sites and other shooting accessories.

Handgun Combatives Pistol
The Handgun Combatives pistol is based off the designs and innovations of Dave Spaulding. Dave is a retired police officer wiith extensive firearms and shooting experience. Templar Custom Arms is the exclusive dealer of these custom pistols.

FACT Trigger
Have you ever wanted a shorter trigger for the Glock pistol? Do you have smaller hands and can't always pull the trigger straignt back causing you to miss shots. Now there is a solution. The FACT Trigger!

AR-Platform Rifles
The AR-15 is one of the most popular modern sporting rifles on the market. Great for self-defense, competition and hunting. See how a custom built rifle from Templar Custom Arms can help you reach the next evolution in your shooting journey.