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AR-Platform Rifle Gunsmithing & Customization

Without a doubt the most popular modern sporting rifle on the market today are rifles built on the AR platform. Almost every gun manufacturer has a line of AR rifles that they sell. These rifles range from entry level rifles for hunting or self-defense to high end mil-spec rifles used by the military and police agencies.

No matter the reason you want a modern sporting rifle from hunting, competition or self-defense get the best rifle you can and then let us help you make it even better. Better yet, let us build you a custom rifle from the ground up!

Custom Built Rifles

We machine our own lowers from a solid block of aluminum! We use high end internals including nickel coated bolts and high end barrels to insure accurate shots. We can modify triggers, handguards, sites and stocks to fit you with the perfect rifle.

Customize Rifles

If you have your own rifle but want some customizations to it to make it that much better we can help you as well. We can replace triggers, re-barrel, adding optics or change other internals to make the rifle work even better than it did when it was new.

We can build both AR-15 and AR-10 that uses the larger .308 caliber round. No matter what  you can dream up we can build the rifle to match. Call us today to discuss your project.