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Semi-Auto Gunsmithing & Customization

There are a lot of great rifles both historical and modern that while they may be great still have something missing that would make them better for a user. That is where Templar Custom Arms comes in. We can take your existing rifle and customize it to make it fit and work even better.

Here are just some of the rifles that we have customized…

  • M-1 Garand
  • M-1A
  • M-1 Carbine

We can help you repair or upgrade old or new rifles by changing out triggers, bolts, barrels, stocks adding optics and other elements that will make it perform that much better.

If you happen to own an old rifle that is in need of refurbishment or repair we can help you track down the parts and perform the work necessary to make it work like new. In addition, because we have a full machine shop we do all of our work on site and can even make replacement parts under some circumstances.

We also buy and occasionally sell a variety of collector rifles so if you are selling or buying you can and should give us a call to see if we can help you. Call today to discuss your ideas or find out how we can help you get or sell pieces from your collection.