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M&P Gunsmithing & Customization

Smith & Wesson has come out with a fine line of handguns known as their M&P handgun series. This pistol has been adopted by many police agencies and is becoming very popular with individuals for concealed carry and competition.

No matter how great a gun is off the shelf it still requires the shooter to adapt to some things they would prefer to change. That is where Templar Custom Arms comes in. We can perform many of the same modifications we do to our Handgun Combatives pistol package or simple changes to the trigger and sites as well as everything in between.

We can also do a full Handgun Combatives Package for the M&P. Check out the video below

If you aren’t sure what modifications will make the most sense for you give us a call to discuss your ideas and Templar Custom Arms will find a way to make your good gun a great one.

Here is a very general list of things we can do:

  • Grip reductions
  • Custom sites
  • Red dot sites
  • Trigger jobs
  • Slide work
  • Polishing magazine wells
  • Magazine cut outs

And much more. No matter what you have in mind we can help you get there.