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Templar Custom Arms New Products

Templar Custom Arms works with many of the best instructors and shooters in the firearms industry including Dave Spaulding. This allows them to work  closely and  create new and innovative products to solve specific problems. Here are some of the newer products available from Templar Custom Arms.

FACT Trigger

The FACT Trigger is the newest innovation to creating a better performing Glock pistol. It essentially makes a shorter easier to reach shorter trigger. If you like the feel of the Glock trigger and the performance of a 1911 trigger than you have found them mixed together in an exclusive offering from Templar Custom Arms. Check out the video below for a review.


Steel Target Stands

Our steel target stands is an easy way to set up your targets when you don't have target stands. If you are used to using the conventional steel target stands than you probably are aware of the issue when the wind picks up and blows them over. Our stands won't do that. You can set them up with some wooden sticks and put your IDPA or IPSEC targets right on them. See the video below of a review of our stands from Dave Spaulding.

CAP Holster

The Cap Holster was designed by Dave Spaulding to be a high performance holster that holds the gun in place where you put it. In addition it allows for a fast release and draw as well as having minimal Kydex material on it. This allows the holster to be light weight, easily concealable, but still perform very well. The holster comes in both an inside and outside the waistband model. Finally, it is available for appendix carry as well as revolvers. See the video review below.

CAP Mag Pouch

Another CAP product designed by Dave Spaulding. What is unique about this mag pouch is that it has a spring on the belt clip so it gives as you slide your hand behind it to pull the mag out of the pouch. This allows you some forgiveness if you don’t get the perfect grip on the mag. Both this product and the holster are discussed and reviewed below.


USPSA Steel Challenge Targets

If you are a USPSA shooter or interested in getting steel targets Templar Custom Arms can now build you steel targets to USPSA standards. Great for training and practice as well as USPSA matches. Call today to learn more and get some for your range.